SeaWorld San Diego Guide 

SDwithKid Guide to SeaWorld with your Family.

If you are interested in the ocean, animals, or amazing rides, then SeaWorld is your must visit San Diego theme park.  SeaWorld has amazing coasters, water rides, and a series of rides for younger visitors.  SeaWorld also has an amazing location in the heart of Mission Bay.  SeaWorld has been entertaining guests since the early 1960s and whether it is your first visit to this amazing aquatic theme park or if your an annual passholder, SeaWorld has been evolving each year to offer more and more to its visitors.   

What to do at SeaWorld

  • The Rides
    SeaWorld has several amazing coasters along with rides for children and the whole family.
  • The Animal Exhibits
    In the mild weather of San Diego you could still visit penguins in their amazing habitat.  It is also an aquarium and bird sanctuary and houses many type of animals.

  • The Food
    SeaWorld has a special emphasis on good.  In fact SeaWorld has food festivals to celebrate their offerings.