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The Ultimate San Diego Family Guide ™


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Sea World San Diego with Children

Sea World is all about Children

When many children think of San Diego, one of the first things that comes to mind is Sea World.  To children, there is nothing that beats seeing Shamu, riding the many rides, and being up close to dolphins.

A Parents Guide To Sea World

Sea World is great for parents.  

First of all, there are no crazy looping roller coasters that your children might pressure you go on. (or have anxiety about going on themselves).   Dining is actually pretty good.  Sea World also offers the ability for parents sit at show and relax for a few minutes. Unlike most theme parks, Sea World also offers the ability for you to experience teaching moments with your children.

Top 10 List for Sea World

1. Manta

2. Shipwreck Rapids Ride

3. The Dolphins at Rocky Point Preserve

4. The Penguins

5. Sesame Street Bay of Play

6. The Food at SeaWorld

7. The Skyride

8. Journey To Atlantis Ride

9. The Freshwater Aquarium

10.The Dolphin Show

Fun ride at the Bay of Play

Irene Tong

Fisherman Press

Wolves 4 Moe

Spray Ground at the Bay of  Play