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The Ultimate San Diego Family Guide ™


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San Diego Zoo

An Incredible Zoo

Years ago the San Diego Zoo had a campaign that said, “You

Belong in the Zoo. The San Diego Zoo.”   In addition to being a

catchy phrase, it really did say something about the zoo.  

Everyone belongs at the San Diego Zoo because it is a zoo that

has something for everyone.

Top 10 List for the San Diego Zoo

1. The Aerial Tramway

2. The Double Decker Bus Tour

3. Polar Bears

4. The Elephants

5. The Children’s Zoo

6. The Pandas

7. Watching the hippos underwater

8. Seeing the baby maeerkats frolic with each other

9. Sea Lion Show: It Began with a Roar

10 Free-flight bird show featuring ravens, eagles, storks and macaws.

       Kids can enjoy hands-on exhibits with zookeepers.


Zoo Address:

2920 Zoo Dr., San Diego in Balboa Park. Located off Park Boulevard in Balboa Park. Access from I-5 and Highway 163.

Phone: (619) 231-1515

Hours: The Zoo is open 365 days all year long.

Summer Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

Fall, Winter and Spring Hours:

9 am–5 pm

Ticket prices:

General admission:

Adults:$24.50; Children (3-11): $16.50; Active military with ID: Free

One day, best value ticket

Adults: $37, Children (3-11): $27

This includes the guided bus tour, Express Bus and Skyfari Aerial Tram.

Skyfari Aerial Tram Tickets:

$4 each way

Guided Bus Tour Tickets:

Adults: $10, Children (3-11) $7

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Fun Family Programs

Zoo Sleepover: You and your family will get to spend time with the zoo animals after the crowds go home. Go on a private tour, camp out in a tent, enjoy a buffet dinner and a hot breakfast and make lasting memories!

Winter and Summer camp for kids in grades K-5: Go behind the scenes at the zoo, take part in games and activities and learn about animal characteristics.

Backstage Pass: Enjoy an incredible up close and personal experience with all kinds of animals, many of which can only be seen by Backstage Pass holders. Also view a private animal show, a gourmet lunch, and enjoy reserved seating at the animal shows the rest of the day.

KinderNights: The Zoo invited kids ages 3–6 for a special treat: a night of fun with their favorite critters. Kids are advised to wear comfy PJs, bring a stuffed animal or two, and get close with their mom or dad while they learn all about a few of the beloved animals that call the zoo home.

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All About Enrichment Weekends

On the second weekend of every month, join the staff at the Zoo for special keeper talks and activities. Learn about gerenuks and red river hogs and more!


Four Live Webcams: Watch your favorite animals live!

Panda Cam

Elephant Cam

Ape Cam

Polar Bear Cam

Fun Zoo Facts:

The okapi, which looks similar to zebras, are the only mammals that can lick their own ears.

Bonobos, a type of great ape, maintain very strong son-mother bonds throughout their lives.

Tapirs, mammals that resemble pigs, have thick skin on the backs of their necks to protect them from predators such as jaguars, crocodiles, anacondas, and tigers.

San Diego vacations range from beach stays to mountain activities or just exploring the attractions and points of interest.