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Carlsbad Lagoon

4215 Harrison St, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone:(760) 434-3089

Carlsbad Lagoon is most likely one of the places that you have driven by  between San Diego and Los Angeles, but have never stopped there.  Perhpas you went to LegoLand in Carlsbad or even checked out Carlsbad Village and Carlbad's surf scene.  The first question you might have is whether this lagoon with small boats and motorcraft is part of a camp or is open to the public?   You might also wonder if it is affordable even if it is available ?  Well..we discovered that Carlbad Lagoon is not only right off the freeway and open to the general public, but it also very affordable.  On our visit we did kayaking.  There was also motorcraft, large water tricycles and paddleboard available. but we chose kaying because we wanted to make sure that everyone in our group would be able to equally participate.  After checking in a relatively small structure near the lagoon we were told to go down to the beach and get our kayaks.  Children were told that they have to wear life preservers.   We then were instructed of the area of the lagoon that is set aside for the motor craft.   they seemed to be having a great time, but I did not see any children operating them and instead they were riding behind their parents.

We chose to get two tandem kayaks.  We were told how to hold the oars and then we simply went out into the lagoon.  It should be noted that while we saw a lifeguard in the loading (beach) area there was not a lifeguard once we went around the corner.  I would therefore not recommend sending out young children by themselves on Kayaks but instead recommend adult supervision.

One of the more interesting things about the lagoon is that their were fish the literally flapped out of the water.  It was a site to be seen and my son really enjoyed looking out for the "flying fish".  

Unlike ocean kayaking where their could be currents and wake from very large boats, kayaking in the lagoon was a breeze making kayaking in Carlsbad Lagoon an SDwithKids approved attraction.