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The Ultimate San Diego Family Guide ™


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Bike and Kayak (La Jolla Location)

2158 Avenida De La Playa, San Diego, CA 92037

Phone:(858) 454-1010

Kayaking in La Jolla was a wonderful experience.  This fun activity started off with getting our equipment at the Bike and Kayak Storefront.  This equipment meant everyone (adults and children) wearing both helmet and vest.

We then walked over two the beach which was about a city block away.   The two guides showed us how to paddle and then we got into our kayaks and they guides pushed us into the ocean.   We soon caught up with our group of about eight kayaks (most of them including ours were tandem).   Throughout our course to the caves and back we huddled in a group, rested and heard about the uniqueness of the zone where we stopped in.  We were told about the leopard fish and garibaldi of the region.  The we kept paddling on until we reached the next zone and ultimately the caves.  The leaders told us about the unique features of the caves, how they were formed, and about some of the famous homes nearby including Dr. Seuss, otherwise known as Theodore Giesel.   On route we saw several sea lions up close both on rocks and swimming around us.  One kayak next to us capsized and it was amazing to see how quickly they were able to get back on their kayak with the help of the guides.   As we moved closer to the caves we were unsure about what to expect.  It was already a breathtaking adventure, but it became more exciting as the guides hopped out of their kayaks and told us that they are going to be in the water as we kayak through the cave.